3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

When I first started applying for a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) program for Creative Writing, I looked at a lot of different blogs and websites for more information, but unfortunately, what I was able to find was a bit dated, and therefore, wasn’t too helpful.

Nevertheless, I was still able to apply to four of my dream schools and was accepted to two prestigious programs. It’s been a year since I’ve submitted my applications, and now that I’ve been in an MFA program for one semester, I wanted to provide some guidance for those of you who are wondering if you should pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

1. Opportunities for a Multitude of Career Paths

Contrary to popular belief, majoring in Creative Writing and English opens up doors to a wide variety of different career paths. No matter what profession you’re in, being a good communicator is always an asset, and this is especially apparent in industries such as marketing, advertising, sales, copywriting, social media, etc., where being an effective writer is a highly sought-after skill. The biggest plus – these skills are easily transferrable, so you can definitely apply your expertise in a variety of different industries!

2. It Gives You the Chance to Work with and Meet Other Great Writers

One of the main reasons why I wanted to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts was so I would have the chance to meet other great writers. Growing up as a first generation Asian American, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to meet other writers or even likeminded individuals with similar interests in reading or writing. Being a part of an MFA program has allowed me to not only meet other great writers, it has also given me the chance to work them, so that I could further improve my craft.

As I continue pursing my degree, I want to take advantage of the positive environment that I’m in, in order to connect and bond with the members of my cohort, as well as my professors. Their support and encouragement are some of the most valuable takeaways from the program, and it’s a great reason to pursue an MFA, especially if you’re looking to build lasting connections in the writing industry.

3. Because You Want To!

And most importantly, the best reason to get an MFA is because you want to!

I first graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Business and a minor in English in 2014. While I loved creative writing, it was a field I was too afraid to pursue at first, due to all of the negativity surrounding a life as a “starving artist.” As a result, I started a career in corporate marketing, and while I exceled in it, I could never help thinking about the “what-ifs,” if I had indeed pursued a writing career instead.

In 2020, my mindset really changed though. If this past year has taught me anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. I used to live for the future, but I’ve realized that there is no time like the present, especially when it comes to pursuing things that we are passionate about because there is nothing more fulfilling.

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