Elizabeth N. Tran is a writer and educator. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Masters of Arts in English at Chapman University. She previously earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business from UC Irvine, where she also minored in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

She is currently working on a collection of short stories and poetry, developing a young adult science fiction novel, and writing a creative nonfiction story exploring the Asian American identity.

Her short story “The Red Thread” has been published in Ouroboros Magazine.

Her poems, “Existing in the In-Between,” “Cooking Dinner,” and “New Year’s Eve,” have been published in Calliope Art & Literary Magazine.

Elizabeth also served as an Editor and Staff Writer at 60 Seconds Magazine, an online publication that shares digital magazine articles with a young adult audience across the United States. She developed weekly articles for the online publication, specifically for the Fashion/Beauty and Lifestyle tabs of the magazine.

Aside from her work as a writer, Elizabeth also tutors students in writing and composition at Chapman University and as a freelancer. She reviews and offers feedback on students’ written coursework in one-to-one and small group settings and assists students in developing writing strategies and techniques.